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Welcome To For Foodies Sake We Make Food Fun!

For Foodies Sake proudly brings you amazing culinary tours in Toronto, that create memories to last a lifetime.  We specialize in combining our impeccable culinary skills and eternal love affair of food, to offer you unique food experiences.  We understand the emotional connection with food and passionately work towards making every tour an experience to bring people together.

What We Do

At For Foodies Sake Culinary Tours we are devoted to everything food.  We organize unique culinary tours and experiences for every food lover out there.  Food tours aren’t just for travelers, but also for people wanting to experience something new in their own city.  From market food tours to the exciting theme based experiences, our experts can manage it all.  With our customized food tours, we can make your romantic date, special occasion, or movie night even more memorable.  We regularly organize special cooking events with celebrity chefs to expand your culinary horizons.

Who We Are

The brainchild of a foodie, a chef, and a food stylist, For Foodies Sake is a professional food tour company based in Toronto.  With a mission to enhance Toronto’s food tour industry, we are dedicated to introducing people across all age groups to a new variety of food, tastes, and cultures.

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